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You can also specify licensing via localsettings (e.g. for sharing team-wide settings via DTP or specifying options at the command line). See Configuring Localsettings or Localsettings for details. 

Using a DTP License


titleWaiting for a License in Command Line Mode

If you want the product to wait for a license if the requested license is not currently available, use the localsettings option soatest.wait.for.tokens.time=[time in minutes]. For example, use soatest.wait.for.tokens.time=3 to wait 3 minutes for license tokens. For details on the command line mode and localsettings options, see the following pages:


  1. If you will be using a custom edition license, define the appropriate license features in the localsettings as follows:

    Code Block
    [product].license.custom_edition_features= All enabled features

    Note that license feature settings apply only to custom edition licenses. 

  2. Define the main license settings in the localsettings as follows:

    Code Block
    [product] Type of license edition 
    [product].license.use_network= Value (true or false) Host name Port number




Configuring Localsettings (SOAtest) and Localsettings (Virtualize)


 details on localsettings and a list of all license-related options.


Additional Licensing Considerations for SOAtest Server


If you using the combined SOAtest/Virtualize distribution, a Virtualize license is required to run SOAtest Server. In some instances, you may only have a license for SOAtest, i.e., if you are updating to a paid license from the Community License. Contact your Parasoft representative for additional information about licensing options.

Manually Adding the License without Using localsetttings