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  • Firefox 47.0.1 and earlier
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 78+
  • Safari 5.1+ 7-9.x on Mac OSX
  • Microsoft Edge Windows Anniversary Edition (version 38.14393)+ 


  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Google Chrome 9+
  • Firefox 3.6-54 (playback only)
Conditional Content
Product: (SOAVirt, SOAtest)
Product: (SOAVirt, SOAtest)
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You can also perform mobile interface testing through a desktop browser as described in Mobile Interface Testing.


  • Before using Internet Explorer, see Configuring Internet Explorer Settings 1.

  • With Internet Explorer 9 or 10, we recommend using addEventListener() when registering event listeners. However, if you are using attachEvent(), which is an IE-specific event model, you will need to manually update <Virtualize Directory>\eclipse\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_<version>\root\browsers\ie\HTMLUtil.js as follows to force Virtualize to emulate JavaScript events using the IE-specific model. You need to make the following changes in this file:

    Conditional Content
    Product: (SOAVirt)
    Product: (SOAVirt)


    "ext.HTMLUtil.preferLegacyEventModel = false;"
    "ext.HTMLUtil.preferLegacyEventModel = true;"


    "_wk_HTMLUtil.preferLegacyEventModel = false;"
    "_wk_HTMLUtil.preferLegacyEventModel = true;"

  • The first time that Internet Explorer 9 is launched, it will open a warning dialog that states "The Recorder Registrar is now ready to use." You need to click Enable to ensure that your web scenarios record and play back correctly. For best results, you should close and re-open the browser after clicking Enable.

  • File inputs inside modal dialogsare not supported.
  • Record and playback on file inputs (inputs that allow you to browse to a file to upload it) is not supported in Internet Explorer 8 and later.