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  1. Connect the Virtualize Server to CTP via Preferences> CTP. See CTP Settings for details.

    titleHTTPS Note

     If CTP is deployed over an HTTPS connection (recommended), the Virtualize Server’s CTP connection settings should use an HTTPS URL. This will ensure that the Virtualize Server will communicate with CTP securely over SSL.

    If the SSL certificate that CTP is configured with is not trusted by Virtualize Server (e.g., if it is self-signed), you will need to configure the Virtualize Server to trust all certificates—or add that particular CTP certificate to the Virtualize default Java cacerts file and select that option. This can be config-ured in the Preferences> Security settings (as described in Security Settings). 

  2. If you have not already done so, use CTP to configure user accounts and permissions. For details, see the CTP User’s Guide.