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You can also specify licensing via localsettings (e.g. for sharing team-wide settings via DTP or specifying options at the command line). See 


Configuring Localsettings


 for details. 

Using a DTP License

  1. (Recommended for Concerto/DTP admins) Verify that the product and version you are licensing appears in the DTP License Server. If not, update the tools database as described in the DTP Admin Guide. 
  2. Choose Parasoft> Preferences to open the Preferences dialog.
  3. Select the License category in the left pane.
  4. If the appropriate server is not already set 

    Conditional ContentProduct:


    SOAVirt, SOAtest)Product: (SOAVirt, SOAtest)sv-attr:0A010204015A9054C88481D043445E2F0A010204015CF6008A11EEF43AC91334 0A010204015A9054C886C0AC137B8C01 (

    from the auto-configuration process described in Configuring Preferences Overview)

    , specify the server’s host (either a name or an IP address) and port.

  5. If you have multiple Parasoft products installed, open the tab for the Parasoft product you want to license (e.g., Jtest, SOAtest).
  6. Select the Enable license option.
  7. Select the Network option.
  8. Indicate the license type that you want this product to use by selecting the appropriate option in the Edition box.
  9. If you want to use the product for a short period of time when you will not have access to Concerto/DTP (e.g., because you expect to be working from home, you will be travelling, your team will be upgrading the machine hosting Concerto/DTP, etc.), check borrow and specify how long you need to "borrow" the license.
    • When you borrow a license, one of the available licenses (on the Concerto) is locked to your machine for the specified amount of time. You can then disconnect from the network and use the product without accessing Concerto/DTP.
    • Licenses can be  borrowed from 1 hour to 14 days.
    • License borrowing requires PST 2.6 or higher or Concerto/DTP.
  10. Click OK to set and save your settings.


see Configuring Localsettingsas well as Testing from the Command Line Interface - soatestcli.

titleTip - Waiting for a License in Command Line Mode

If you want the product to wait for a license if the requested license is not currently available, use the localsettings option soatest.wait.for.tokens.time=[time in minutes]. For example, use soatest.wait.for.tokens.time=3 to  wait 3 minutes for license tokens.

For details on the command line mode and localsettings options, see

Conditional Content
Product: (SOAtest)Product: (SOAtest)

Using a Machine-Locked License


  1. If you will be using a custom edition license, define the appropriate license features in the localsettings as follows:

    Code Block
    [product].license.custom_edition_features= All enabled features

    Note that license feature settings apply only to custom edition licenses. 

  2. Define the main license settings in the localsettings as follows:

    Code Block
    [product] Type of license edition 
    [product].license.use_network= Value (true or false) Host name Port number




Configuring Localsettings


 details on localsettings and a list of all license-related options.