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    • Size of recently run test configurations: Determines the number of Test Configurations available in the Parasoft> Test History menu.
    • Custom directories: Indicates where user-defined Test Configurations and  custom directories (e.g., for user rules, embedded cross-compilers, etc.) are saved.
    • Run configuration on save: Tells the product to automatically run the specified Test Configuration each time a source file is saved. This enables fully-automated continuous desktop analysis.


Specifies settings for the Console view.


If you need to override the system user name (e.g., if you are integrating the product into an automated process and do not want the resulting tasks assigned to the default system name), you can do so as follows:

Conditional Content
  1. Go to <Install Directory>\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.runtime.vstudio.core\
  2. Add the following line to this file:<username>
  3. Save the file. (You may need to move the file in order to save it, due to Windows UAC).
  4. Restart Visual Studio.
  5. Reload the project solution.

Note that this configuration is the equivalent to modifying the User name setting at the top level of the Preferences UI.