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Use the -help command line switch:


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jtestcli.exe -help

How can I prevent my machine ID from floating?


If the problem persists, you can obtain diagnostic information by setting up the environment variable PARASOFT_DEBUG_NET_INTERFACES and setting its value to true. This will print to the standard output the checking procedure that can be shared with technical support, as well as the interface that is used to compute your machine ID. The interface will be marked with the [SELECTED] prefix.

Why is coverage collected with the Jtest Plugin for Maven not associated with the executed tests on DTP?

DTP may fail to associate tests with their corresponding coverage if the coverage data was collected with the jtest:instrument goal. To ensure that tests and their coverage are properly associated, use the jtest:agent goal, or add the following flag to the command line when executing the jtest:instrument goal with Maven:

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