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The build concept enables you to compare changes in the codebase as it evolves. If your organization builds software continuously, then using builds for comparison provides insight that wouldn't be possible using a traditional date-based approach to comparing data. Builds can have the following associated concepts:

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Baseline buildRefers to any historical build you choose to compare a selected build against.

Saving the XML report files associated with a build and keeping the test and coverage details is referred to as archiving the build.

By default, DTP only keeps test and coverage details for the last two builds, but you may want to archive all data associated with a specific build so that existing test and coverage details are not deleted.

LockPreventing a build from accepting new reports tagged with the same build ID is referred to as locking the build.


Click on a build in the Build Administration page to open the Compliance Report for that ID. The Compliance Report shows all artifacts associated with a baselined build, such as environment attributes, test configuration used, and test results, so that you can understand how well the build is tested. See Build Audit Report for details.