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Parasoft's requirements and defects traceability . In addition to graphically reporting requirement and defect status as indicated by developers, Project Center traces capabilities graphically reports the status of requirements and defects and traces them back to test cases. At a glance, the team can gain an objective assessment of This enables the team to objectively assess which requirements are actually working as expected, which defects are resolved, and which requirements and defects still need testing. This real-time visibility into true requirement and defect status helps you prevent late-cycle surprises that threaten to derail schedules and budgets.

Sections include:

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Correlating Code via Test Case Execution

Project Center can monitor which source code that is exercised when a test executes, then correlate that source code with the appropriate task, requirement, or defect. You can also use the traceability reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance with required development guidelines, such as MISRA.

Requirements and defects traceability is enabled through: 

  • testing and code analysis with C/C++test,
  • data collection, correlation, and visualization with Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP),
  • and advanced process intelligence with Parasoft Enterprise Pack–specifically the Traceability Report extension.  


The following components are required to enable requirements and defects traceability:

  • DTP 5.3.0 or later (with appropriate license).
  • Parasoft Enterprise Pack with the Traceability Report artifact deployed.

Enabling Code and Test Correlation

To do this, you need to:


Traceability in Concerto or Older Versions of DTP

If you are correlating code via test case execution (as described above) no additional configuration is necessary for this.

In addition to enabling the tracking of correlations among tests, tasks, requirements, and defects, this allows Project Center to track the number of project PRs/FRs/tasks that have test cases, track PR/FR/task test case status details (passed, failed).

Determining Which Requirements Require Retesting

See Determining Where Retesting is Neededusing a version of DTP older than 5.3.0, see the "Legacy 9.x Functionality for Concerto and Development Testing Platform" guide in the DTP documentation.