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Information on the Test Flow and its adjustment can be found in Customizing the Test Execution Flow  .


Important Instrumentation Setting Considerations

Build process and subsequent execution are strongly affected by the instrumentation features accessible on the "Test Configurations> Execution" tab (seeFine-Tuning Test Settings for details. In embedded solutions, it's often convenient—or even required—to disable instrumentation of specific sources (for instance, containing startup code or interrupt-handling code). This may be achieved through the "Parasoft> C++test> Execution Settings..." context menu (right-click) action, which is available in the project tree; see Execution (File-Level Only) for details.


We strongly recommend using the built-in Test Configurations for particular embedded environments and making adjustments as necessary. See Executing Tests with a Debugger, for instructions.

Enabling Internal Debugging Mode

  1. Make a duplicate of the environment-specific Test Configuration and select the duplicate from the User-defined folder.
  2. Choose the Execution> Runtime tabs and enable the Run tests in debugger(*) option.
  3. Make sure that the Use Eclipse internal debugger with configuration: option is enabled.



, for additional information.