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  1. Identify or create a Test Configuration with your preferred test generation settings.
  2. Run the Test Configuration
    • For details on testing from the GUI, seeTesting from the GUI.
      For details on testing from the command line, see Testing from the Command Line Interface.


      Tip - Generating Tests from the Test Case Explorer

      You can generate tests for a project directly from the Test Case Explorer (which can be opened by choosing Parasoft> Show View> Test Case Explorer). Just right-click the project node in the Test Case Explorer, then choose the desired test generation Test Configuration from the Test History or Test Using shortcut menu.

      For details about the Test Case Explorer, see Exploring the C++test UI.

  3. Review the generated test cases.
  4. (Optional) Fine-tune test generation settings as needed.

Customizing Generation Options
Customizing Generation_Options
Customizing Generation_Options