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  • The Universal Windows Apps project types in Visual Studio 2015 and later is not fully supported. Nuget dependencies that are stored in the project.json file are not resolved during analysis, which may impact results.
  • Some coding standard rules do not support x64 Assemblies.
  • The application coverage scope file cannot be used for WebSite projects as they may get recompiled by IIS Server and change the name of the target assembly. Scope files can be safely used for WebApplications.
  • Calculating metrics on machines without Visual Studio 2015 may require "Microsoft Build Tools 2015" which can be downloaded from
  • dotTEST cannot calculate metrics for websites written in mixed C# and VB code.
  • Projects and applications based on .NET Core (including ASP.NET Core) are not supported.

See Application Coverage for Web Applications for limitations for collecting coverage from web applications in the multiuser mode.