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This page lets you add custom component types to the system/environment palette as described in Adding Components to the Palette.

Database Configuration

In addition to specifying This page lets you specify connections to your CTP database, this page . It also lets you customize the number of event messages and hits stored in that database.

License Configuration

This page lets you review or modify license details. For details on licensing, see the installation section.

Email Configuration

This page lets you configure the email server to be used for sending notifications about assets and resources to which users have subscribed. This Email configuration is required if you want to enable team members to subscribe to notifications about changes and error events (see Subscriptions and Notifications for details).


To deactivate an active account, select the appropriate row, then click the Make selected users inactive icon at the bottom left of the page. The deactivated user will not be counted towards your license unless they log in again.  If a user account is deleted (e.g., via Parasoft User Administration [PSTsec]), that account will have disabled status and that user will not be able to log in.