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  • Automated provisioning during testing: You can configure a test job that you want to execute one or more times, then associate an environment context with that test scenario so that the appropriate environment is always provisioned before that test job is run. For example, a test scenario can use one set of test data and endpoint variables for execution in a development testing environment and another in a system integration testing environment. The job execution history stores the associated test environment settings and variables along with results, enabling complete traceability.
  • Automated testing during provisioning: This is essentially the flip side of the above use case. Test scenarios can be automatically executed when a specific test environment is provisioned. For instance, you can configure functional test scenarios to execute whenever your functional testing environment is provisioned—or your security test scenarios to execute whenever your security test environment is provisioned.
  • Customized health checks: Your test scenarios can be used to assess the health of a specific component (a real system component such as a third-party service, mainframe, database, etc.—or a virtual asset that simulates the behavior of an actual system component). For example, you could run tests to validate that the virtual asset is behaving in the same way as the actual asset whose behavior it is simulating. These tests can be associated with any component type.