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C/C++test can be deployed in a Docker container to enable seamless integration with modern development workflows and CI/CD pipelines.

You can download a ready to use C/C++test container image from Docker Hub: The container image includes C/C++test, C/C++ build tools and common utilities. See the documentation at Docker Hub for deployment and customization instructions.

Building a Custom Docker Container Image Locally


It is recommended to use C/C++test container image from Docker Hub: Follow the steps below if you need to build a custom Docker container image, for example, if you have your own container base image.


  • Linux 64-bit
  • Docker
  • C/C++test Standard installation package for Linux 64-bit

Building a Container Image

To build a Docker container image that includes C/C++test:

  1. Review and modify the content of the <INSTALL_DIR>/integration/docker/Dockerfile to specify the tools you want to include in the container image.
  2. Optionally, configure C/C++test before the container image is built. This allows you to provide a default C/C++test configuration to all users of the image:
    • Create a '' file in the <INSTALL_DIR>/integration/docker directory.
    • Add the license settings and other configuration settings to the '' file.


      You must configure a network license to run C/C++test in a Docker container. The local license is not supported. See Setting the License for details.

  3. Copy the C/C++test distribution file (tar.gz) to the <INSTALL_DIR>/integration/docker/ directory.
  4. Run the following command in the <INSTALL_DIR>/integration/docker directory to build the image:

    Code Block
    docker build -t cpptest:latest .

    The image will include runnable C/C++test and other tools you specified in the Dockerfile.

  5. Once you built the Docker container image that includes C/C++test, you can utilize all of C/C++test's capabilities available from the command line interface:

    Code Block
    docker run --rm cpptest:latest cpptestcli -help

See the documentation at Docker Hub for further C/C++test deployment and customization instructions:

See the documentation for Dockerfile: