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Use the -help command line switch:

Code Block
jtestcli.exe -help

How can I work with Jtest via proxy?

Typically, if you connect through a proxy server, you need to configure the connection by passing protocol-specific system properties to the JVM – using the -D command line option.

To work with Jtest, ensure that the system properties for the HTTPS protocol are configured. At a minimum, you must configure https.proxySet=true, https.proxyHost=[hostname], and https.proxyPort=[port number]. If your proxy server requires authentication, you can configure your credentials with the https.proxyUser and https.proxyPassword properties.


What if some characters fail to be properly displayed in Jtest reports?

Reports generated by Parasoft products require a sans-serif font to be available in your environment. If your report fails to correctly display some characters, such as national characters, ensure that a sans-serif font is installed on your system.

Why are the issue tracking tags not available in the report after I run Jtest with Maven?


To ensure that the path to the UTA files does not exceed the limit, you may consider moving your workspace folder higher in the folder hierarchy.

What if


IntelliJ IDEA versions earlier than 2017.3 do not have full support for JUnit 5. As a result, tests may fail to execute if JUnit 5 dependencies are included in your project. For example, the problem may occur when you add the Unit Test Assistant Library container (see Automatically Adding the Required Libraries) or try to execute tests included in Jtest example projects.

For this reason, it is recommended to upgrade IntelliJ IDEA to version 2017.3 or higher. Alternatively, you can update the classpath, as described in the JUnit 5 User Guide.

If the problem occurred after automatically adding the Unit Test Assistant container, you may need to manually remove it.

What if the Jtest run configuration does not work in IntelliJ IDEA?