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TIA is intended to be implemented as part of an automated process. Perform the following steps to enable TIA.

Deploy your Application

Deploy your application under test. An application packaged in any zip-based file format, including zip, war, jar, and ear, is supported, as is a hierarchical directory structure that contains standalone class files or class files embedded within a zip-based file.  

Attaching the Coverage Agent to the AUT


No Format -app <path to new .war> -coverageReport <path to coverage.xml report> -outputLst <path to .lst>
  • The -app flag flag specifies the new deployable .war (see Package your Application).
  • The -coverageReport flag should specify the baseline coverage.xml report generated in the directory configured in your Test Configuration with the Report location option (see Configuring the Test Configuration).
  • The -outputLst flag is optional and specifies where to output the results.