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Importing and Correlating Requirements from RMS

In-File Suppressions

Compiler Support

We've added support for the following compilers:

Compiler NameCompiler Acronym
ARM Compiler 6.14armclang_6_14
Clang C/C++ Compiler v 10.0 (x86_64)clang_10_0
GNU GCC 10.x (x86_64)gcc_10-64
IAR Compiler for ARM v. 8.50xiccarm_8_50
Metaware DesignWare ARC C/C++ Compiler P-2019.09ccac_2019_09

IDE Support

New Eclipse versions was: <4.9, <4.15 (2020-03)

Other Enhancements

Deprecated and Removed Support for Environments

Deprecated Compilers

Support for the following compilers is deprecated and will be removed in future releases:

  • ARM Compiler 6.6
  • Intel C++ Compiler v 18.0
  • GCC for Tricore 4.9.x

Deprecated Platforms

Support for the following platforms is deprecated and will be removed in future releases:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012

Removed IDEs

Support for the following IDEs is removed:

  • ARM Development Studio earlier than 5.28
  • Eclipse 3.8
  • Renesas e2 Studio 5.1
  • WindRiver Workbench 3.3
  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 6.0

Removed Source Control Management Systems

Support for the following SCMs is removed:

  • AccuRev
  • ClearCase
  • CVS
  • Serena Dimensions
  • StarTeam
  • Synergy CM
  • Visual Source Safe

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