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  • Options source: Determines how options are set. Options can be set manually, or based on build system options, build data file options, Visual C++ 6.0 project options, Green Hills project options, or Eclipse Managed Make project settings. 

    • Use options from a build data file is recommended if you used cpptestscan to create a build data file, as described inCreating a Project Using an Existing Build System, and if you prefer to manually manage regeneration and update the build data file.

    • Use options from a build system is recommended if 1) your project can be built from the command line, but you did not create a build data file or 2) if you created a build data file, but would prefer C++test to manage regeneration / update of the build data file.
    • Use options from Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 project is recommended for projects that were originally developed in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

    • Use options from GHS project is recommended for projects that were originally developed in Green Hills IDEs.

    • Use options from the project is recommended for Managed Make projects that were originally developed in Eclipse.

    • Specify all options manually is recommended otherwise.


titleImportant note about the -B Switch

The build command line is preset to include the -B switch option (unconditionally make all targets). Only GNU Make 3.80+ supports this option. 

If you are using an earlier make, clean the build before creating a project. Keep the -k switch.

If you are using a make that does not support -B,  further modification of the command line is required. The default build command line used in the project properties does not have any targets. We recommend that you modify this command line with the target(s) used to build the code you want analyzed  For example:

make -i CXX=\${CPPTEST_SCAN} ... all (where all is a target).

Also, add a clean step prior to the normal build target. For example:

make -i CXX={CPPTEST_SCAN} ... clean all

This would first make the clean target, then all target. Although the make run from C++test will not actually build object files, the clean step will actually clean them.

         3. In the Build working directory field, specify the directory in which the build process should execute.


When GHS project options change, C++test will automatically rescan the options. If you want to force C++test to update options immediately (for example, if an external configuration file has changed), click the Reset cache button. 


Additional Details on How C++test Uses a GHS Options Source


Determines how results from this project or file are tagged for classification in Parasoft Project Center.

For details, see Connecting to Project Center.

Other Settings

Allows you to specify the location for C++test’s temporary files, as well as Advanced Options.