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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ENGINES1031 and version 10.4.1


  1. Click  Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

     Then select Configuration.

  2. Right-click the Built-in or User test configuration you want to duplicate, then choose Duplicate on DTP.

    The configuration will be added to the DTP directory and uploaded to the DTP server (see Connecting to DTP

  3. Right-click the duplicate configuration and choose Editchoose Open in DTP.
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    If you are not logged in DTP, the DTP login page will open in a browser. Provide your credentials to log in.
    The Test Configuration page in DTP will open. 

  4. Open the list of test configurations. The duplicated test configuration will be available in the configurations lists.

  5. Click the duplicated test configuration to open the configuration interface. See the DTP documentation for details about how to customize test configurations on DTP.