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This setting specifies a set of tags that will be used to create coverage images in DTP. DTP supports up to 3 coverage images per report. 

Acceptable Values


A commasemicolon-separated list of tags that will be used when coverage images are created in DTP.


This setting specifies the type of coverage included in an additional report, which includes source code annotated with line-by-line coverage details when a test's HTML report links to it.

Acceptable Values

LCLine coverage is included in the report.
DCDecision coverage is included in the report.


This setting specifies how much memory should be used for reports generation. 

Acceptable Values


The maximum amount of memory allocated for report generation. The default is 120M.


This setting enables or disables generating reports as a separate virtual machine.

Acceptable Values

trueReports are generated as a separate virtual machine.
falseDefault. Generating reports as a separate virtual machine is disabled.


This setting specifies the path to launch file that should be used during reports generation.

Acceptable Values


The path to the launch file.


This setting specifies how elements in the code duplication findings are sorted. 

Acceptable Values

oldestThe oldest result is displayed at the top.
newestsThe newest result is displayed at the top.
pathsDefault. The results are sorted by full path names in the ascending alphabetical order (A to Z).


This setting specifies the version of the XML coverage report.

Acceptable Values

1Default. The standard version is used.
2The size of the XML report is optimized.