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License Server can manage local area facilitates network access to a Parasoft License, including DTP and Parasoft code analysis tools. You license. Parasoft products deployed to your network can be configured to connect to License Server to retrieve a license. You can add new licenses or manage existing licenses in License Server if you have the appropriate privileges. Choose License Server from the settings drop-down menu to access License Server.


Table of Contents

Adding a License

You must generate licenses for Your Parasoft representative will provide you with license passwords that you specify in License Server. The license passwords are specific to the machine ID of the server on which License Server is running. For more information, contact your Parasoft representative.

  1. Open the License Server home page and click Add New License.
  2. Either fill out the license parameters in the Add New License form, or paste the complete license password as provided into the space provided. The password is sent in an email from your Parasoft representative.
  3. Click the Add license link to save changes


  • Tool
  • Machine ID
  • Expiration data
  • Licenses (Used, available, and all.)
  • License features (Tokens (used/available/all) - The values shown in this row refer to the following token statuses:
    • The used status refers to the number of tokens currently being used by Parasoft tools in your company
    • The available status refers to the number of tokens that are available to be used by Parasoft tools in your company
    • The all status refers to the total number of installed (purchased) license tokens

  • License features - All available licensed features are listed.)

Linking Licenses

An upgrade license extends the access rights of the main base license by providing authorized access to the newer version of a licensed tool. Its limit is determined by the number of tokens available within the main base license of the specific tool. Linking licenses allows you to use main base license tokens or upgrade tokens interchangeably.


Another reason why the upgrade license should be linked to its main base license is because an upgrade license can only be reserved within the main base license. By reserving main base license tokens, you can use either main or upgrade tokens, based on your needs. See Reserving Licenses for instructions about how to do this. Any available upgrade licenses are displayed on the Manage Licenses page.


  1. Click the Link to link to open the Linking upgrade license page.

    The Linking upgrade license page lists the upgrade license (on the right) and the proper main base license to which the upgrade refers (on the left). Matching is done automatically based on the tool version and its features.
  2. Click the Select link to link the two licenses. You can click the Clear link to unlink the upgrade—removing authorized access to the upgraded version of the tool.


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Verify the user/host format in the following reports to prevent issues with filtering: