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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DTPDEVEL and version 5.4.1


Default PortDescription
80 (Windows), 8080 (Linux)DTP Server
8443 (Windows and Linux)SSL Connector

8005 to , 8009 (Linux)

Apache Tomcat ports
2002License Server
8082Data Collector for Parasoft analysis engines and third-party integrations.
8787Used by the embedded database server shipped with distribution; this port is non-configurable.
18888Team Server
3306Default port used for sending and retrieving MySQL data.
1521Default port used for sending and retrieving Oracle data.
32323Data Collector for Parasoft 9.x code analysis and testing products. See Legacy 9.x Functionality for information about the Data Collector port used with Parasoft 9.x products.
61617JMS events broker
1883MQTT transport connector