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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ENGINES1031 and version 10.4.1

dotTEST can run on either a local or a network license. The license type can be configured in the .properties configuration file in the INSTALL_DIR (or another location; see Configuration Overview for details).

Network License

Typically, the the network license is stored on the same DTP server that you configured for your development testing workflow (see Connecting to DTP 1). There are two types of the network licenseslicense:

  • dtp: This type of license is stored directly in DTP. Your DTP license limits analysis to the number of files specified in your licensing agreement. This is the default type when license.use_network is set to true.
  • ls:  This type of license is stored in License Server deployed on your DTP. This is a "floating" or "machine-locked" license that limits usage to a specified number of machines. This type of license is stored in License Server. 

Network licenses are available in three editions that determine what functionality is available:


  1. Set the dottest.license.use_networkproperty to true.

  2. Set the

  3. Set the

  4. Ensure that the connection with DTP is configured; see Connecting to DTP.

Advanced Network License Configuration

You can configure dotTEST to obtain the network license from another instance of DTP or a standalone License Server.

  1. Enable the connection by configuring the following settings:

    - dottest.license.use_network=true

  2. Configure the following settings to use a license from a standalone License Server or from another DTP:
    -<hostname where DTP is deployed>

    -<port number for your DTP server> – typically, a HTTPS port, for example 443 or 8443
    -<username for DTP authentication><password for DTP authentication>

    License Server:<hostname where License Server is deployed> – typically, a Tomcat HTTP port, for example 8080<port number for your License Server>
    If your server uses the HTTPS protocol, precede the hostname with https://.

Local License

To configure the local license, specify the following settings in the .properties file: