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    • Some option descriptions may be missing from project files that originate from old EW versions or were generated by other means. If this occurs when the GUI-based EW project importer is used, C++test will assume that the corresponding compiler/linker options are absent and will rely on tool defaults. This may conflict with EW's approach of providing internal defaults for options with missing descriptions.
    • The C++test GUI-based EW project importer does not support the following IAR EW project (.ewp) settings: 
      • General Options>Library Configuration> CMSIS> DSPlibrary setting is ignored (regarding linker options).
        Workaround: Manually append appropriate library in Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings> Linkeroptions
      • The General Options> Target> FPU setting is ignored.
        Workaround: Manually add appropriate --fpu option to Project Properties >Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings> Compiler Options.
      • The Linker> List> Generate linker mapfile setting is ignored.
        Workaround: Manually add the appropriate --map option to Project Properties >Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings> Linker Options
      • The .no_neon- designated core names are not provided to the --cpu option for Cortex-Ax cores, regardless of the General Options> Target> FPU setting.
        Workaround: Switch Use options from IAR Embedded Workbench project mode to Specify all options manually in Project Properties> Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings and manually adjust all options. 
    • Due to the limitation of the preprocessor included with some IAR ARM compiler versions, C++test will not accept the following code for IAR ARM compiler v. 7.2x and earlier:

      Code Block
      #define MHZ *1000000l 
      #define FREQ (1MHZ)
      void foo(long freq);
      void bar(void)

      Workaround: space should be inserted between 1 and MHZ:

      #define FREQ (1 MHZ)

    • C++test does not support the keyword __nounwind, because exceptions are re-thrown after they have been caught. Add the following macro if your program contains __nounwind to compiler options under Project Properties> Parasoft> C++test>  Build settings:


    • C++test does not correctly reconstruct multibyte characters in C.