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DTP is a system that collects and analyzes data in order to monitor and measure the application of quality practices, such as static analysis or unit testing. It enables you to focus on the impact of changed code and demonstrate full compliance traceability.

Connecting to DTP allows you to send local analysis findings to a centralized database. You can send the following information:

  • Static Analysis and Metrics results (including suppression details)
  • Unit Testing results (including traceability information)
  • Line Coverage

To connect Parasoft C++test to a Parasoft DTP server:

  1. Choose Parasoft> Preferences... > DTP.
  2. Check Enable and enter the DTP server information:

    You can click Test Connection to verify the settings.

  3. In the Project area, enter the name of a project stored in DTP that you are currently working on. You can click the Configure button to open a dialog with all projects that are available in DTP.

  4. The active license is displayed in the License area.  Depending on the license type, the license may be automatically configured when the connection to DTP is established. Click the Configure link to manually configure your license options if applicable.

  5. In the Reports area, check Enable reporting results to DTP to enable sending static analysis findings, unit test results and coverage information to DTP.

    To publish reports to DTP, a valid license with one of the following options is required: DTP Publish or Automaton.

    You can click the Edit link to configure advanced report settings (key=value):


  6. Click Apply to save the settings.

You can configure the connection to DTP server in the command line mode. Use the -localsettings option to provide a path to a custom .properties file with DTP configuration settings:

cpptestcli -localsettings [PATH_TO_FILE]

The following settings are required to configure the connection: 

  • dtp.enabled=true - Enables connection to DTP server
  • dtp.server=[LOCALHOST] - Specifies the host name of the DTP server
  • dtp.port=[PORT] - Specifies the port number of the DTP server. Commonly used port numbers are 443 and 8443.
  • dtp.user=[USERNAME] - Specifies the username for DTP server authentication.
  • dtp.password=[PASSWORD] - Specifies the password for DTP server authentication.
  • report.dtp.publish=true - Enables reporting results to DTP server.

Optional settings:  

  • dtp.project=[DTP Project Name] - Specifies the name of the DTP project.
  •[Build Identifier] - Specifies a build identifier used to label results.
  • session.tag=[Session Tag] - Specifies a tag for signing result from the test session.
  • dtp.additional.settings=[KEY1\=VALUE1\nKEY2\=VALUE2...] - Specifies advanced settings for reporting results to DTP.

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