About Parasoft dotTEST

Parasoft dotTEST is an integrated development testing solution for programming languages that target the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework, such as C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. It automates a broad range of software quality practices—including static code analysis, unit testing, code review, coverage analysis, runtime error detection, and more.

dotTEST is available as the Engine that can be integrated with your build tools and continuous integration infrastructure. These integrations allow you to automate a broad range of coding best practices, generate analysis reports and automatically send information to Parasoft DTP. DTP can analyze aggregated data and convert it into actionable findings that can assist you in the process of code improvement. dotTEST Engine can also monitor and collect coverage data during unit test execution or functional tests performed on a running application. Coverage information and unit test results are sent to DTP and help you assess the quality of your tests and applications. Contact Parasoft Support for more information about DTP.

Parasoft dotTEST ships with Plugin for Visual Studio that enables you to integrate dotTEST into your IDE. This allows you to leverage the capabilities of the Engine within your development desktop, import findings from DTP into the IDE, as well as utilize additional capabilities available for dotTEST Desktop.

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